My morning/daily routine is set in sequential order, which means the order I do things matter. The first thing in the morning that I do is read my scriptures and say my morning prayers. Then I shower and get dressed. Then after those two things are done it is breakfast time, after breakfast I brush my teeth and floss. I then start to get my school done. First with doing math then history and finally English. After all those I get my extra stuff done last, like typing, spelling, reading, Spanish and logic.

After all that I get to have to make sure my chores are done. I have to sweep, do my kitchen chores, maybe laundry then I finally have free time and can play with my dog.



This essay is about some of the ancient Egyptians.


The pyramids.  During the Old and Middle kingdoms the Egyptians built huge pyramids as tombs for their kings, or pharaohs. There are over 30 pyramids in Egypt.

Tomb treasure. The tombs of rich Egyptians were filled with everything the dead Egyptian might need in the next world. Kings were buried with amazing treasures,  but soon robbers found out about this and  broke into the tombs and stole the treasure, so very little has been found.

Mummies.   The Egyptians tried to stop dead bodies from decaying, because they thought this would allow the dead person to go on living in the next world. These specially preserved bodies are called mummies.

The Egyptian Empire.    Around 1720 BC, Egypt was invaded by the Hykosos. They had chariots and horses so they were easily able to beat the Egyptians who fought on foot. But soon the Egyptians learned how to use chariots and fought back and won over the Hykosos. After doing this they realized that they were strong so they went and invaded other nearby lands and that’s how they became an empire.

Life At Home.     Egyptian houses were built out of bricks made from straw and mud. The bricks were shaped in a wooden frame and were cooked in the sun to harden. Most houses only had one to two rooms, but rich people lived in large luxurious villas.









My favorite time of year, well I will have to say I don’t have one. I love all of the seasons and I will tell you why. 

So first, I love winter because my birthday is in February and Christmas is also in winter. I love my birthday because, it’s my birthday.  I love Christmas because I love what my family and I do. We draw a name and have to either make them or buy them a present. Then after completing that, you can make or buy something for someone else. It’s very fun. 

I love Fall because of the hot then cool weather it provides. Also my family loves food, we love to eat, so Thanksgiving is a very special holiday for us. Plus, we love to talk about gratitude and why the first Thanksgiving was celebrated. They started practicing capitalism and got rid of their socialistic community so they were finally able to prosper. 

I love Summer and Spring because of the hot weather I love to be outside when it’s about 78 degrees. I also love Easter.  I love to get chocolate from the Easter bunny but more importantly I love to celebrate Jesus and his resurrection. 

Those are just some small reasons why I like these seasons. 


My Favorite Parts of This Past Summer

In this essay I am going to be talking about my three favorite parts of this past summer. The first thing I am going to talk about is how I got my dog, then about the Fourth of July, and then about my cousins craw-fish bowl. Let’s get started.

First, how I got my puppy. It was a Thursday I remember, when my family decided that we would get a dog. At first my mom said no because she didn’t want to pay for the expenses. But when my brothers and I said we would pay for the puppy, my mom finally said we could get one.  So we started to look on KSL, which is our local online ads where people sell things. That’s where we found pure bread black lab pups. Since my cousin has a white lab we thought it would be cool to get a black lab. So we called and they said that they still had all of their puppies. We got ready to leave, but it turned out that the puppies were a two hour drive away, but nothing would stop us so we did it anyway. Once we got there it was hard to choose which puppy because there were 7 girls to choose from. We finally chose what we thought was the cutest one and we named her Luna.  She is super hyper, fun and cute. And we all LOVE her.

Second my Fourth of July. My Fourth of July was very happy because all of my cousins (except for the little babies) slept over. It was so fun. All of the kids under the age of eight slept outside in my back yard with a tent, while every kid eight years old or older, slept on my big couches in the basement. Before we fell asleep,  my two cousins Logan and Brookely, and I played Roblox on my computer. We were squished on that couch that night. I remember waking up and playing Minecraft on the XBox. Then all of the aunts and uncles came to pick up their kids and have breakfast altogether.  We had a big, huge, breakfast buffet. We had cinnamon rolls,muffins, egg casseroles, fruit and juice. It was so good!

Then there was the craw fish bowl at my cousins. My cousins have a craw fish boil every year.  This year one of my friends that live in their neighborhood, Halle, went to it also. They had a big water slide to play on during the barbecue. Every one went on it, even some of the parents. My brother Ethan was always trying to do a back flip or front flip. It never worked though, he always got too scared to do a back flip and then ended up doing a summer salt instead of a front flip. My friend Halle and I tried to stand up while doing it, we failed.

Those are my three favorite parts of this past summer. My favorite part out of those three is probably the first one, getting Luna. We ended up having to get lunch on the road since we were starving on the way there. It was so cute when she was in her little box asleep in the car. We gave her a box with some old towels and blankets in it so she wouldn’t get mud and probably pee all over the car. When she slept as a tiny puppy, she curled herself into a little ball. But now that she is bigger, she lays flat out on her back and stretches when she sleeps.





If I was one of the people who built the tower of Babel and my speech was changed to  Spanish,  I would find some other people who also spoke Spanish and they would  choose me to pick where we would settle down. Of course this would take me a couple of days to figure out since I have to pick a place where all of these people can live and survive. I also have to pick a place where crops can grow, and a place with good game so that we would have fresh meat to eat with our crops.

I would choose to go to India because I think I could grow crops there and there is plenty of wild animals. They have really good spices to help with preserving our meat. It also doesn’t really get cold there so you can grow crops year around. AAEAAQAAAAAAAAKPAAAAJDgxYzkwMDkyLWNiODItNDE4OS1iZmVhLWVjZmYzZjc2MWI5Mw


My Puppy

     In this essay I am going to talk on the subject, my puppy. 

    My puppy’s name is Luna Lovegood. We named her this after a character from one of my family’s favorite books, the Harry Potter series. If you have read the Harry Potter books you will know that the character Luna Lovegood comes into the series in book number five, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix by J.K. Rowling.

     I love my puppy (Lu Lu / Luna) so much! She is a little angel that has come into my life to make me happy. She is a pure black lab. She has soft brown eyes and soft smooth ears. One of her favorite things to do is play fetch. (Though when she gets the ball she doesn’t give it back she just runs from you like you’re going to steel it). And finally she loves to chase you when you bark at her and growl at her it makes her so mad that she chases you down to her hearts content.

Those are just some reasons that I love my puppy Luna!  🙂  



A funny post by Jillian.


In this funny post by mwa (Jillian) I will add funny comments about other post I have made before this.

  1. If you remember or have read my post called (IF I HAD A SUPER POWER) There is one other thing that I would do. I would turn into a bird and go to the zoo when I knew that my cousin Ashton was going. The reason I would do this is so I could bug him. You see me and my cousin are very close and when I say that I mean we are so close that we love and enjoy bugging each other a lot!!! 🙂 So I would turn into a bird and peck at my YOUNGER cousin.

  2. I would like to make another FUNNY POST BY JILLIAN. If you have read my post (IF I COULD DESIGN MY OWN ROOM) You would know that I would make it so that when I turned the light on or my friend did it would make a sound of a kitten in pane. So that when they took a step and turned the light on it would sound like the kittens were real and they were being killed! 😉



  1. If there was one thing I would  do to make the world a better place I would probably pick  BECOMING PRESIDENT!!!!!! If I became president I would always make sure that the laws were just and right and were better for us so that we can continue to grow strong. I also probably would lower our taxes and try to make peace around the world!!!
  2.  Also another thing I could do would be to become a news lady so that I could help people by telling them when a natural disaster was going to or was happening. That way people, men, women and children could get to a safe spot depending on what the disaster was.
  3. And I maybe could become a farmer so that I could set up my own store on the side of the road next to my farm and make all of the prices be what people could afford so that no one was starving. That can also help us grow healthy and strong.


         So those are just some of the things that I could do to make our world a better place.  



A cool place that I like to visit that is close to my house. I can’t say that I have one, but many! There are many places that I love to go. As such, one is Thanksgiving Point. Thanksgiving Point is a fun, cool place to play, learn and explore. It has three main buildings, The Dinosaur Museum, The Petting Zoo, And The Curiosity Museum. I don’t have a favorite out of these three but will tell you some of my favorite parts of each.

I love to go to the dinosaur exhibit and read all the plaques and learn about every dinosaur there. I love to go to the petting zoo and pet all the horses. Last, but surely not least, is the Curiosity Museum. I love to climb up the big giant spider web. It is so long and tall that it takes forever to finish it all the way to the top and then climb back down!

Now that you know a little about one of the places close to me that I love to go I must say GOODBYE  until next time.



The best advice that I have ever been given would probably be when Izzy, Brynn, Ethan, Max, Daniel and I were making a plan on where the best place to hide in Zombie tag would be.

Me: I think we should go to the ditch and go into the field.

Brynn: But I am not allowed to go into the ditch, my mom said.

Izzy: But then how come Erica is if you’re not?

Brynn: Because she is a couple years older than me so my mom said she can but not me.

Max: I say that we go all the way around and hide in the big tree in the other neighborhood.

Daniel: But Brynn and I are not allowed to go around into that neighborhood.

Me: Then we go into my back yard and hide, or we could hide under my car.

But it was no use because no matter what any of us said one of us could either not go there or there was not any space for all of us to fit without being seen. When Ethan spoke up he had the best idea ever.

Ethan: I say we go straight for the people who are zombie’s. Then we split up and make them chase us two at a time. After that all of us who did not get tagged will meet in Max’s back yard.

Me: What do you mean by go straight for them, like run right at them then quickly run away in groups of two and then meet in his back yard. If that is what you’re saying then me and the girls are in.

And so we did that and we all made it back into Max’s back yard safely and we all won the game of Zombie tag. All thanks to Ethan and his great brain.