A girl named Garnet lived on a farm with her ma, pa, and two brothers.There was a drought she and Jay, her older brother, went to a little pond where she she found a silver thimble and that night it started to rain!

A couple days later they were loaned some money  to build a new barn. Then they found Eric, a lost boy with no parents, and he stayed with them like one of the family. Garnet went to a nearby town by herself and no one at home knew she was gone. She bought everyone a present except Eric because she ran out of money. She hitch hiked back to her farm in a truck with crates full of chickens and she got to keep one for Eric.

Later she and her friend got locked up in the town library for almost the whole night! They thought it was a great adventure. Then a fair came and her pig Timmy won the blue ribbon.

All of that is why she thought the silver thimble she found was magic.