Month: November 2016


On a Thursday a few weeks ago, my mom, brothers and I went over to the church parking lot to do tricks on our bikes. After my brother would show me a trick I would do it. But then he started riding down a grass hill, over the curb and into the parking lot on his bike. When it was my turn to do it I froze up. I was so scared to do it that in my brain I said, “I’m not going to ride down that hill! What if I go to fast and turn to sharp, I could break my bike and I don’t want that to happen!”

After a few minutes of me standing at the top of the grass hill on my bike I finally mustered enough courage to ride my bike down the hill. Do you know what happened? I LOVED IT! It was so fun! I did it over and over again until it was time to go home.

That’s when I learned that even though something might look scary you should try it because you could end up loving it!