The Slave Trade and the Cotton Gin

The slave trade had been going on for a long time. It started in the fifteenth century when Portugal, and other European nations, were able to reach Africa. The portugues were the first to start kidnapping Africans, taking them back to Europe, and selling them as slaves. Soon other European nations started doing the same, and slaves became a big deal. 

But all that changed in the year 1807 when the Abolition of the Slave Trade Act was passed. Even though this act made it illegal to get mixed up in the slave trade, slaves were still getting bought and smuggled into peoples houses and work fields until 1811.

The cotton gin was a machine made by Eli Whitney, that was supposed to quickly and easily separate the cotton from the seeds in 1794. The machine was a hit! It worked better than anyone had hoped for. But even though it was made to make labor easier and make it so people didn’t need as many slaves, it almost did the opposite. It did work expertly, it was way faster, and more efficient by using the machine to separate the cotton and the seeds, but this made people want more slaves so that they could get more cotton into the machines. This was more or less not the effect Eli wanted it to take, but it was an amazing machine that was very useful. 

We still use cotton gin’s today, they are just a little bit more advanced. 


Do you we find more pleasure in finding what we want or the journey we have to get it

This is a hard question to answer, because first there are a few questions that have to be asked. First, what is the thing we want to obtain. Second, how long will the journey take? Third, where are we going on said journey? Fourth, how do we think we will obtain the object? And fifth, is the object really worth the struggle to go through a journey at all? 

For the sake of this essay, I don’t want it, and you probably don’t want it to be a full book on this one subject, we are going to say the thing you are looking for is a secret inheritance that your father, who left your mother when you were born, left for you that you just found out about. 

Let’s also say that the journey you have to go on is obviously to find the inheritance, but you have to go all the way back to your old home, and dig up the box that your father left you. 

We would definitely find a lot of pleasure from finding the inheritance that our father left us. But would we find more in the journey to get it? In my opinion, yes. We would. I feel like we would find more pleasure in the journey of going back to our birth home, maybe running into old friends, and looking for it, then finding the inheritance itself. It would be a really great experience to be able to go back and think about all the memories we have from way back then. 

Life isn’t about what we find, but how we find it. 


The Most American Dessert

The Most American Dessert.

For most people, apple pie is considered the most American dessert. I don’t think this should be the only dessert with this title. In my biased opinion, pumpkin pie should also be “The Most American Dessert”. 

Why do I think apple pie deserves this title. 

Apple pie has been around since the dawn of pies. It was probably even served at the first Thanksgiving feast. Apple pie is a delicious dessert that our minds immediately think of when talking about Thanksgiving. While it is usually eaten during the holidays at the end of the year, it also is enjoyed year round. Apple pie, in my opinion, is called the most american dessert by many because of its history. When I think of apple pie, I also think of Thanksgiving, Columbus coming to America, and, for me at least, the fight for liberty from Great Britain. My mind jumps to these things when talking about apple pie because, apple pie was eaten a lot back then, it was one of the only desserts made of that time and so it is mentioned as what people would eat on a regular basis after dinner, our founding fathers probably loved apple pie.  

The other dessert, pumpkin pie. 

Pumpkin pie has also been around for most of history. It also is on our list when we think about the things we eat at Christmas and Thanksgiving. One of the main reasons, the same as apple pie, is because I also connect historical events to pumpkin pie. Most people don’t think pumpkin pie as an american dessert because it normally isn’t very sweet, and America can’t live without sugar. Which is one of the reasons we love apple pie so much, it has a butt-load of sugar inside of it, and on top of it. Even though, I’ll admit, apple pie tastes way better than pumpkin pie, (because I am an American so the more sugar the better) pumpkin pie was also something that lots of people had back when people ate healthy things. 


Apple pie, and Pumpkin pie should both be “The Most American Dessert” in my opinion because of the historical events that pop up in my mind whenever I think of them. And, to be honest, I don’t normally eat these even when they are there because I would rather have modern day ice cream. 


Declaration of Independence

The Declaration of Independence was an official act taken by all 13 American colonies in declaring independence from British rule. People in the colonies were unhappy that they did not have a say in their government and still had to pay taxes. Each colony sent a representative to a meeting where they decided what they wanted to do. During the course of years, battles were fought, complaints were made, and the War was one by the colonies. During that time a bunch of important documents were written and published, the Bill of Rights, the Constitution, and the Declaration, were a few of these documents. 

The purpose of the declaration was to state in writing, that they wanted the world, especially Great Britain, to know they were their own country, that they were free, and independent. 

One fact I found was cool, was that the declaration was actually finished on July 2 1776, but since it was not published publicly until the 4th we celebrate our independence on July 4 every year. 


A Bad Day and How I Handled it


We all have bad days every once in a while. And we all deal with them differently. One of those bad days I had once was when my cat ran away when my family moved houses.  I’m going to tell you three things you can do that can help if your mad or sad when something bad like this happens to you. 

  1. Take deep breaths, and calm down! When something bad happens to us our immediate reaction is to freak out. But this actually makes things worse. We then start freaking out so much and make the problem seem bigger than it is. My cat ran away.  Yes, this is sad, but not sad enough that I should cry myself to sleep for a week, but only once or twice when I thought about it too much. I took a deep breath, and calmed myself down. 
  2. Think happy thoughts! A few days after my cat ran off, my aunt saw her roaming around the neighborhood, with a collar on! Some one had found my cat and adopted her! Instead of being angry or sad that someone else now owned my cat, I was happy that she was still alive, healthy, and loved. I then started to think, and came to the conclusion that it was better for my cat to live there, since in my new neighborhood there were a lot of people who had dogs, and when they were outside they would let their dogs hang out in the front, and since my cat didn’t love being inside, she like to be free, she would have been toast! I continued to think that and after a while I didn’t even feel sad anymore. 
  3. Use friends and family. Sometimes when we get really sad our natural instincts are to hide ourselves away and pretend that everything is fine. But this too also makes things a lot worse. If you can find someone close to you to talk to, open up your feelings and let the words free! This helps even if it’s a small thing, you feel better when someone else knows. When I moved I told my friend about how my cat had ran away, and that I was super sad without my baby. She helped me realize that like I said in 2, my cat was in a better place, plus now I wouldn’t have to clean out her litter box! Everything has a good side, no matter how bad the problem is. 


After a while, I had totally forgotten about my cat, until my parents got me a new kitten. She is the cutest little thing and I love her so much! (Even if I do have to clean out her litter box every day!)


The American Revolution

The American Revolution was when the American colonists rebelled against Great Britain for their own freedom and rights. 

The American Revolution started April 19 1775 with the battles of Lexington and Concord. 

The British had set out from Boston to capture the rebel leaders Samuel Adams and John Hancock in Lexington, and to take away the colonists weapons and ammunition in Concord. But the colonists were warned by ‘riders’ or men on horseback that ran through the towns calling “the British are coming! The British are coming!” Paul Revere was one of these men. John Hancock and Samuel Adams were able to get out of the city and to safety before the British were there, plus the colonists were able to hide their guns and ammo thanks to the riders. The British were angry and some battles broke out between the british soldiers and militiamen. The British decided to return to Boston, but would be coming back to finish what they had started. The American Revolution had officially begun. 

The battle at Bunker Hill.

The battle of Bunker Hill was when the British attacked the colonies and tried to take over two hills, Breed’s Hill and Bunker Hill. But the colonists would not give up these hills easily. They went to the hills at midnight, and built earthworks before the soldiers advanced to hold against the British. At the end of this battle both sides gained something. The British gained the Hills. But even though they technically lost, the colonists now had more courage and bravery for their next battles because they had learned that they were able to hold their own against the best trained troops in the world at the time. 

The Olive Branch Petition was  petition asking for a ceasefire that the colonists sent to the king. But the king brushed it off, and claimed it was like a slap to the face. 

In the year 1775 a pamphlet was published by Thomas Paine that helped fan the flames of rebellion. And in the year 1776 the Declaration of Independence was put out in public.


The battle of Valcour Island was the first naval battle of the war. It proved that the colonists were able to fight pretty well against the famous british navy. 

The battle of Saratoga was a major win for the colonies, when 5700 british troops surrendered to the colonists general Horatio Gates. After the battle of saratoga the british turned their focus mostly to the south. Two huge losses for the colonists were the battles of Charleston and Camden, in South Carolina. 

After the battle of Guilford CourtHouse, the british retreated to the coast where their ships were supposed to send reinforcements. But the French ships came instead and intercepted the british, which led to them retreating back to New York, where the colonists were waiting. The last battle of the war was the surrender of Yorktown, where the colonists (with some help from the French) were able to defeat the British and claim there freedom and liberty. And we have our beloved America today. 



What type of music I like

In this essay I am going to tell you what music I like to listen too. 

This is an easy question! I love listening to music so it won’t be that hard to write a full essay on the music I like listening too, which is just about anything, and everything. But if I did have to pick a favorite kind of music, Hard Rock, Pop, Country, or Harmonious (the type that you would sing in church, or slow dance too, usually violin or piano) it would be hard for me to pick because I listen to mostly pop, but I love country. 

I like listening to pop more than any other music genres. But I do listen to country every now and then, so I am going to split this essay into two parts. One part will be why I like pop better than the rest. And the second part will be why I like country more than the others.

Why I don’t like hard rock.

Most people have reasons that make sense to them but we don’t understand why it bothers them. Say for instance, if you neighbor hated cats and dogs, or rather any animal that wasn’t a bird, and you asked her why and her response was, “they are loud and hurt my ears.” you would understand her, a little bit anyway. Because dogs are loud when they bark, but other than that they are normally silent, and cats only make noises if you provoke them. Plus, she has a bird remember, and birds are very loud. They squeak and squeak all day long, and they don’t listen when you tell them to stop. So if your neighbor had a problem with loud cats why doesn’t she have a problem with annoyingly loud birds? No one knows other than her and to her it makes perfect sense. But if someone told you they didn’t like hard rock because it hurt their ears we would totally understand and we would know not to play it around them. I don’t like hard rock for obvious reasons, it makes me have a massive headache after listening to it. But with pop, I don’t get a life threatening headache afterwards. 

Why I don’t like Country.  

Country has been around a long time. And it’s all right. The reason I don’t like country that much is simply because I like the way pop makes me feel afterwards, and I don’t get that feeling with country music. Country music is pretty good, I have to admit, it’s cool how they can tell a story while singing a song, but you can do that with pop too. I like how ‘hoppy’ as I call it, pop is. It makes you feel light, and you can’t help but dance to it. Country makes you want to sit and really listen to the lyrics, it tells you a story, but most of the time I listen to music to help me get things done, like when I’m running I put on ‘hoppy’ music to make me want to go faster, I can’t pay attention to the music or I slow down. (this is true because I have done it before, or tested it) so I don’t feel as light and fast, or ready to run, as I do when I listen to pop with country.

Why I like pop better than Harmonious music. 

First I will admit that harmonious music is pretty. But it really isn’t something that I would listen to on a daily basis, the only setting it fits with is places like church, slow dances, funerals and Christmas or Easter recitals. I do enjoy listening to it when in the right time and place. I would never listen to pop while at a funeral or church, because that is disrespectful and it doesn’t give you the right feeling in that setting. I like the way that pop can inspire you to be better. Pop is the music genre that has the most influential music out of all of them. Hard Rock just makes you think your better than everyone, in a bad, prideful kind of way, country does make you feel something, but it’s not the right thing that we look for, and in harmonious music it is too slow for anything other than softer feelings to come through. You need a little jump, skip, and a beat to make you realize you can do it! 

Pop music is what I listen to because it goes along with my emotions, and my natural actions. I listen to music because it helps me concentrate on something. When I need to get work done (that doesn’t involve school work or videos) I listen to music and time seems to fly. I get the work done a lot faster when I listen to music than when I’m just sitting there trying to get everything right. Pop has many inspirational videos, and while I will admit that a lot of the songs now a-days don’t have actual meaning to them, some of the songs that I really like do, and they are very good because of it. One of my favorite pop singers is Quinn XCII. He is very good and has some really cool songs that I like listening to. 

Now I am going to tell you my thoughts and opinions on why I think country is amazing. 

Country against pop.

As I just explained I love pop. It makes me happy, and up-beat, but country also gives me some feelings that are just better than those. Country tells a story while your singing. It doesn’t matter if it’s fake or real, but the songs always have an actual meaning to them, it doesn’t matter if its about someone’s ex, or how beautiful your baby is, there is always a story behind each and every individual song, and pop cannot hold a candle to that. Pop has some meaning to songs, but it’s mostly about “what you did last summer” they don’t have actually good stories or moral meanings in a lot of songs, which is why I only listen to a few songs. While pop makes you feel like you can do anything, country makes you feel real emotions, love, joy, sadness, anger, guilt…… it makes you feel a connection to the people that the song is talking about. If it’s talking about two lost lovers, your heart goes out to them and you imagine the story out in your head. You hope that everything turns out right. Country has meaning and most songs today don’t.

Hard Rock and country.

Hard rock makes you sick. It gives you a headache that you can’t get rid of. You can’t even hear the voices, and most of the time you don’t want to look up what the lyrics are, or you’ll never be the same. Hard rock is usually just about someone doing the person singing wrong. It’s about something happening that the other will pay for. Country has meaning, morals, and it sometimes can be bad, but it pulls through. Hard rock is like a dog. Lots of bark but no bite. What I mean by that, is you listen to it, and it seems super cool and awesome until you really think about it and understand the music, then you realize that it’s not that cool anymore. (remember this is totally my own biased opinion and I don’t want anyone to get mad or angry) 

Country and Harmonious music. 

Harmonious music is pretty, even beautiful but, for me, I have to be in a setting that is soft, light, or comforting for the slow music. Harmonious music is what I would listen to when I’m feeling relaxed. I want something that goes along with my emotions and feelings of the moment, which is why I wouldn’t listen to this music on a daily basis. Country can be played when feeling any emotion. There are plenty of different country song types, in the genre. Same with other genres of songs, country has the slower side, the faster side, and the regular side. 

Country is special because like I have said plenty of times, it tells you a story about people and things, and it is one of the things that can pull your heartstrings pretty far. One of my favorite country bands, a little older than some, is the Dixie Chicks. They have some pretty darn good songs. 


History Class This Week


This week in history, we talked about the beginning of the American revolution. 

The thing that originally started making the colonies want to rebel was when Great Britain started passing all different kinds of taxes. These taxes were making the colonists mad, but can you blame them? 

The first inkling of anger from the colonists started in the year 1561, when the first Navigation Act tax was passed. The Navigation Acts were a group of laws restricting the colonies ability to trade with any nation outside of Great Britain. The next tax that was passed was called the Molasses Act. This required a heavy import tax on any type of sugar that came from the French West Indies to the American colonies. 

Even though these made the colonists angry, it wasn’t enough to make them want to rebel, but then Great Britain made more taxes, and these ones were definitely worse than the ones before. 

The Quartering Acts, stated that colonists had to provide housing and food for soldiers at their own expense.  The Stamp Act required that all legal documents, newspapers, or pamphlets, had to be printed on watermarked paper, which was expensive.  A while after that there was even more taxes put on, tea, lead, paper, glass, and paint.  

This got under the skin of the colonists enough that they started forming underground groups. One of these groups was called the Sons of Liberty. 

The Boston Massacre was when a group of colonists were harassing some British soldiers, when one was struck down by a thrown snowball, the soldiers started firing and killed five colonists. This convinced the colonists even more to rebel. 

The Boston Tea Party, was when a group of men dressed up as native Americans and dumped tons of tea into the harbor, as rebellion on the tax on their tea.

In April 1775 the fighting really began. The battles of Lexington and Concord. The British set out to capture rebel leaders, Samuel Adams, and John Hancock, and to destroy the colonists supplies of ammunition and guns. The colonists were warned by riders, a famous one named Paul Revere was one of these men, and they were able to hide their weapons and ammo, plus get the two men out of town. This made Britain very mad, and the American Revolution began. 


Early North America

Around the time 1492, North America was mostly uninhabited. It was mostly just grassy plains and the wild wild nature, with only small native tribes here and there. Two of these main tribes were the Eastern and the South-West farming cultures. But that was all about to change due to one man. 

That man was Christopher Columbus. After his great expedition to the Americas, specifically North America, the Europeans took notice of America and started to colonize there. 

North America was colonized mainly by the British, French, and a little bit by the Dutch. 

The Thirteen colonies were the first colonies in America. Here is a list off all their names from first colonized to last colonized. 


New York



Rhode Island


New Hampshire


North Carolina

South Carolina

New Jersey



The American Colonies became the United States of America in the year 1781.

What the British didn’t know was that they made plenty of big mistakes while being in control of the colonies that were harmful to the colonies. Some of these were, the Slave Trade, and the set of Acts. 

To this day the US is still the most powerful and influential country in the world. 


Me and My TFL!

What Exactly does TFL mean?

T. F. L. This is what me and my best friend, Kymee, use instead of the normal BFF. 

T= Twiners  F= For L= Life

We are such good friends, and look similar enough, that we actually have told people that we are twins. We are always with each other, and there even is a saying in my Sunday school class “You find Kymee, you find Jill” and vice-versa. 

What are our similarities?

Me and Kymee, are very similar. We have the same eye color, hair length, sense of humor, passive-aggressive nature, and as you saw we look alike too. We find interest in most of the same things which makes it easier to get along. We share the same “sass_a_frass” nature and so we are able to handle each other. Even when we don’t agree we are able to talk and agree with each other more than we do with our other friends, because we have a really good understanding of each other. 


Kymee is an AMAZING person and I am very lucky to know her. She is one of the most, understanding, funny, loving, sweet, nicest, sassy, smart, and great friend I have ever had. She is really funny, and can brighten up my mood by just being in the same room as me. She is one special girl and I am glad that we are such good friends! Lots of Laughs, Jill+Kymee!