My mom is an influential person in my life because she teaches me all day. She  teaches me how to choose the right and she has many great examples that also teach me. She is a wonderful person and I learn a lot from her.She knows how to help me every time I need it. For example, When I was younger I didn’t know how to read but because of her help and influence I am now a great reader!


I have three main jobs that I would like to do. The first one is I would really like to be a veterinarian. Because of my love for animals, I think it would be a perfect job for me. Second is a horse back riding lessons teacher. I love, love, love horses and I am very good with horses if I say so my self. And third is a dolphin trainer. I really like dolphins and I am willing to do all the training it takes to be a dolphin trainer. These are my three dream jobs. I really like all of these jobs because I love all animals, well except insects and arachnids. Other than that I pretty much like every animal.


It is hard to say which present is my favorite one of all the presents I’ve gotten for my birthday. But I have three that I loved from my tenth birthday party. One was my friend Izzy’s gift. A huge coloring book but it wasn’t just any coloring book. It had little pictures inside a big picture. My second favorite present was from my other friend Juliet. It was a baby panda Beenie Boo. I just love Beenie boos! And the next is a brand new bike from my dear mother .

Tell me which one you think is the best!                                                                                                      Is it the bike?                                                                                                                                                         Or the Beenie Boo?                                                                                                                                                Or even the coloring book?                                                                                                                                What will you choose?


On a Thursday a few weeks ago, my mom, brothers and I went over to the church parking lot to do tricks on our bikes. After my brother would show me a trick I would do it. But then he started riding down a grass hill, over the curb and into the parking lot on his bike. When it was my turn to do it I froze up. I was so scared to do it that in my brain I said, “I’m not going to ride down that hill! What if I go to fast and turn to sharp, I could break my bike and I don’t want that to happen!”

After a few minutes of me standing at the top of the grass hill on my bike I finally mustered enough courage to ride my bike down the hill. Do you know what happened? I LOVED IT! It was so fun! I did it over and over again until it was time to go home.

That’s when I learned that even though something might look scary you should try it because you could end up loving it!



I have a lot of things I like to do here are my three favorite .

1. Singing. I love to make up my own songs and singing other peoples songs.

2. Dancing . I have taken  Jazz . I stopped doing it when I was four because I didn’t like being away from my mom that long . So I quit taking lessons but I still like to dance.

3. Reading and writing. I love to read and I love to write my own stories. I’ve been writing a story about this mermaid and her friends. I try to write in it every day.

Those are my three ”FAVORITE ” things to do .


A girl named Garnet lived on a farm with her ma, pa, and two brothers.There was a drought she and Jay, her older brother, went to a little pond where she she found a silver thimble and that night it started to rain!

A couple days later they were loaned some money  to build a new barn. Then they found Eric, a lost boy with no parents, and he stayed with them like one of the family. Garnet went to a nearby town by herself and no one at home knew she was gone. She bought everyone a present except Eric because she ran out of money. She hitch hiked back to her farm in a truck with crates full of chickens and she got to keep one for Eric.

Later she and her friend got locked up in the town library for almost the whole night! They thought it was a great adventure. Then a fair came and her pig Timmy won the blue ribbon.

All of that is why she thought the silver thimble she found was magic.




There was a girl named Wanda Petronsgie. She only had one dress that was a fading blue color. Her family was very poor and she had no mom. She got made fun of because of her funny name and because she said she had 100 dresses all lined up in her closet but everyone knew she was lying.

After awhile her and her family moved to the big city.  Before they moved there was an art contest that she won by drawing every one of her imaginary dresses. She drew two of her dresses on girls that looked like two girls who had teased her.

Later she gave the girls the pictures to tell them that she forgave them.

I learned that you should not tease people because they’re poor or for any reason at all. And if this sort of thing happens to you tell the other kids not to be rude.


Beenie boos are my favorite kind of stuffed animals. They are soft  and have big eyes and come in many colors and sizes. Some are big and they have matching smaller ones. I am always trying to collect them. I already have 12.

I like to play with the beenie boos I have. I have a mom (which is a big one), a kid (which is the smaller one) and a baby (which is the smallest size) jaguar. A mom and a kid lynx. A mom and a kid panda. A kid mouse. A mom and kid house cat. And I have a mom and a kid husky.

Those are some reasons I like Beenie Boos!


There once was a princess named Mariam. She lived in a village named Fairyton. She was a fairy! She would fly around and make sure that the people were safe. The enemies of fairyton  were called the dark ones. The dark ones were dark fairy’s that had been cast out of fairyton. The leader of the dark ones was Eliza. When she had been banished she said “I will come back one day with an army and kill your people!” So from that day on the people of fairyton feared the day of her return. One sunny day Mariam’s friend Sunny came rushing into the palace were Mariam’s father was.she knelt and told the king these words…………”Sir she has come!” When the king heard these words he ordered every fairy to go inside at once! He also told Sunny to tell every man to get ready to fight. So when Sunny went out to tell this to the men the sun was gone! Only darkness covered the kingdom! And there in the middle of the town stood “Eliza!” Sunny spun around to see Mariam flying fast towards Eliza! The battle between Mariam and Eliza went on for hours till Mariam cast a spell on Eliza that made her and her army trapped as statues! When every one heard this great news they had a big celebration. There was a party and a feast! The feast had lots of (fairy sized) chicken, turkey, cake, pie, cranberry sauce, and pudding. After that the party began! There was slow music and it also had rock n roll music. THE END.


There once was a bird that was smaller than it was meant to be. So its parents left it in the nest. It soon fell out of the tree and was rescued by a little girl named Sam. Sam took great care of her new pet that she had named Baby. After a couple months had past Baby grew into a big hawk and had babies of her own. Then Sam renamed her Big Mama!