If I was one of the people who built the tower of Babel and my speech was changed to  Spanish,  I would find some other people who also spoke Spanish and they would  choose me to pick where we would settle down. Of course this would take me a couple of days to figure out since I have to pick a place where all of these people can live and survive. I also have to pick a place where crops can grow, and a place with good game so that we would have fresh meat to eat with our crops.

I would choose to go to India because I think I could grow crops there and there is plenty of wild animals. They have really good spices to help with preserving our meat. It also doesn’t really get cold there so you can grow crops year around. AAEAAQAAAAAAAAKPAAAAJDgxYzkwMDkyLWNiODItNDE4OS1iZmVhLWVjZmYzZjc2MWI5Mw


My Puppy

     In this essay I am going to talk on the subject, my puppy. 

    My puppy’s name is Luna Lovegood. We named her this after a character from one of my family’s favorite books, the Harry Potter series. If you have read the Harry Potter books you will know that the character Luna Lovegood comes into the series in book number five, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix by J.K. Rowling.

     I love my puppy (Lu Lu / Luna) so much! She is a little angel that has come into my life to make me happy. She is a pure black lab. She has soft brown eyes and soft smooth ears. One of her favorite things to do is play fetch. (Though when she gets the ball she doesn’t give it back she just runs from you like you’re going to steel it). And finally she loves to chase you when you bark at her and growl at her it makes her so mad that she chases you down to her hearts content.

Those are just some reasons that I love my puppy Luna!  🙂  



A funny post by Jillian.


In this funny post by mwa (Jillian) I will add funny comments about other post I have made before this.

  1. If you remember or have read my post called (IF I HAD A SUPER POWER) There is one other thing that I would do. I would turn into a bird and go to the zoo when I knew that my cousin Ashton was going. The reason I would do this is so I could bug him. You see me and my cousin are very close and when I say that I mean we are so close that we love and enjoy bugging each other a lot!!! 🙂 So I would turn into a bird and peck at my YOUNGER cousin.

  2. I would like to make another FUNNY POST BY JILLIAN. If you have read my post (IF I COULD DESIGN MY OWN ROOM) You would know that I would make it so that when I turned the light on or my friend did it would make a sound of a kitten in pane. So that when they took a step and turned the light on it would sound like the kittens were real and they were being killed! 😉



  1. If there was one thing I would  do to make the world a better place I would probably pick  BECOMING PRESIDENT!!!!!! If I became president I would always make sure that the laws were just and right and were better for us so that we can continue to grow strong. I also probably would lower our taxes and try to make peace around the world!!!
  2.  Also another thing I could do would be to become a news lady so that I could help people by telling them when a natural disaster was going to or was happening. That way people, men, women and children could get to a safe spot depending on what the disaster was.
  3. And I maybe could become a farmer so that I could set up my own store on the side of the road next to my farm and make all of the prices be what people could afford so that no one was starving. That can also help us grow healthy and strong.


         So those are just some of the things that I could do to make our world a better place.