English Essay Harry Potter

   My essay for English today is supposed to be about a book I read over the summer, or just one of my favorite books. So the book I’m going to summarize is one of my favorite books I have ever read, Harry Potter.

   Harry Potter is a series of eight books. Harry Potter is about a boy named Harry Potter and how he finds out that he is a wizard. Each book is about a different year in the wizard school, Hogwarts. The eighth book however, is actually about his kids and some of the trials one of them in particular, Albus Severus Potter, has during his time at school. There are some very funny parts in each book and an amazing adventure that makes you want to keep reading. The first book summarizes the first year in Hogwarts. Harry Potter is a famous wizard because when He Who Must Not Be Named (Voldemort) the darkest and most powerful wizard there ever was tried to kill him, he survived, and because of this he has a lighting shaped scar. He Who Must Not Be Named   somehow lost all his power and fled. Sadly both Lilly and James Potter (Harry’s parents) died because of this attack. Harry is raised by his aunt and uncle, who hate wizards and are very mean to him, until he’s 11, that’s when he starts getting letters to go to wizard school. His aunt and uncle burn all the letters and soon go on a vacation far away so that the letters can’t get to them. But they’re wrong and Harry ends up going to school. I won’t tell any more so that I don’t give spoilers, but you should read this. 

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