My Favorite Parts of This Past Summer

In this essay I am going to be talking about my three favorite parts of this past summer. The first thing I am going to talk about is how I got my dog, then about the Fourth of July, and then about my cousins craw-fish bowl. Let’s get started.

First, how I got my puppy. It was a Thursday I remember, when my family decided that we would get a dog. At first my mom said no because she didn’t want to pay for the expenses. But when my brothers and I said we would pay for the puppy, my mom finally said we could get one.  So we started to look on KSL, which is our local online ads where people sell things. That’s where we found pure bread black lab pups. Since my cousin has a white lab we thought it would be cool to get a black lab. So we called and they said that they still had all of their puppies. We got ready to leave, but it turned out that the puppies were a two hour drive away, but nothing would stop us so we did it anyway. Once we got there it was hard to choose which puppy because there were 7 girls to choose from. We finally chose what we thought was the cutest one and we named her Luna.  She is super hyper, fun and cute. And we all LOVE her.

Second my Fourth of July. My Fourth of July was very happy because all of my cousins (except for the little babies) slept over. It was so fun. All of the kids under the age of eight slept outside in my back yard with a tent, while every kid eight years old or older, slept on my big couches in the basement. Before we fell asleep,  my two cousins Logan and Brookely, and I played Roblox on my computer. We were squished on that couch that night. I remember waking up and playing Minecraft on the XBox. Then all of the aunts and uncles came to pick up their kids and have breakfast altogether.  We had a big, huge, breakfast buffet. We had cinnamon rolls,muffins, egg casseroles, fruit and juice. It was so good!

Then there was the craw fish bowl at my cousins. My cousins have a craw fish boil every year.  This year one of my friends that live in their neighborhood, Halle, went to it also. They had a big water slide to play on during the barbecue. Every one went on it, even some of the parents. My brother Ethan was always trying to do a back flip or front flip. It never worked though, he always got too scared to do a back flip and then ended up doing a summer salt instead of a front flip. My friend Halle and I tried to stand up while doing it, we failed.

Those are my three favorite parts of this past summer. My favorite part out of those three is probably the first one, getting Luna. We ended up having to get lunch on the road since we were starving on the way there. It was so cute when she was in her little box asleep in the car. We gave her a box with some old towels and blankets in it so she wouldn’t get mud and probably pee all over the car. When she slept as a tiny puppy, she curled herself into a little ball. But now that she is bigger, she lays flat out on her back and stretches when she sleeps.