If I had a super power it would be able to turn into any animal I wanted. If there was a bad person I would turn into a snake and  wrap myself around him and wait for the cops to come. Then I would turn into a person again when they got there. If there was a man that had broke in my house I would turn into a lion and scare him away. If he had stole something I would make him put it back. If I wanted to go to the zoo and not have to wait in line to see the animals I would turn into a bird and just fly around. I would be able to get right up close to all the animals and be able to see them much better. No one would even know that I was there, they would just think I was a normal bird. That is what I would do if I had super powers.



The best story that I have ever told was about this family that was very, very rich. They lived on a street called Star Street. But because the street was shaped like a star, not that many people lived there. Only 4 houses were on that street, They all were big houses, each one had at least 3-4 floors.

The Pimples, Tiles, Kings and Carters  were the families that lived on Star Street. Kyle and Kim are the Tile kids. Percy, Carly, Abby and George are the Pimple kids. Charlie, Marley, Sam, Max, Charlotte and Lisa are the King kids. Ella, John and Ethan are the Carter kids.

The family that is the one I mostly told the story on is the Kings. The Kings story is… ……… There once was a girl named Mary Margret McLean (she became the mom of the King’s family). She lived in a little town house in Utah. Her family was not very rich when she was a young girl. She had three younger siblings Henry, Harry, and Carl.

There once was a little boy named Samuel Maximus King. He lived in a very, very rich family. He had one younger sister Sally Sarah King. They lived in a big house in Utah.

Mary Margaret and Samuel Maximus were both were in college when they first met each other. After their 50th date, Samuel Maximus King proposed and they got married on February 5, at 12:00 o’clock p.m. Then after 3 years they had their first babies, a set of little girls Marley and Charlie (Charlie was born first.)  Then after 2 years Sam and Max were born, another set of twins! Then after 4 years Charlotte came along. Then 3 years later  Lisa was born. By the time Lisa was born Charlie and Marley were 9 and Sam and Max were 7 and Charlotte was 3.

One day when Charlie woke up she found herself sleeping in the family room. It was a Friday morning but she remembered falling asleep in her own bed. She saw that Marley was asleep in her bed and she was puzzled and didn’t know how she got in the family room. Did she sleep walk? After a minute her mother called, “breakfast!” Charlie ran into her room to get dressed. She put on her school uniform. She attended Brigham Elementary. On her socks were a big “B” and “E”, on her shirt was a “B E”, with her shirt she wore a yellow skirt and baby blue shorts. Her shirt was baby blue and the “B E”‘s were yellow. Marley wore the same thing. Sam and Max wore the same thing just with dark blue instead. After breakfast the group started to walk to school. At school they did Science, History, Math, English and Spelling. Then after school they went home and had dinner with the family.