Some of the prophets of Israel that I studied this week were before the captivity and fall of Israel and others were after.  I am only talking about the ones before the fall.

Some of the jobs of the prophets were to deliver warnings and encouragements  to the people. Also they performed miracles for the people. They gave encouragements to the people  when they were doing the right thing, and warnings when they were going against God’s will or sinning and they were telling them of the consequences for their wrong choices.

Elijah was a stern and mighty man who performed many great miracles and he was a prophet to Israel telling Ahab of his sins and their consequences. He, at one time called 800 prophets of Baal to show the people that his God was better.  When the prophets of Baal failed Elijah showed the people God’s power by getting an altar, pouring water all over it and calling fire from God. Instead of the water putting out the fire, the fire burned on top of the water like oil. The people started to follow him because of this. After this turn of events all of the prophets of Ball were then killed. Elijah then chose Elisha to be the next prophet after being one for many years.

Elisha worked many more amazing miracles than Elijah. He was not as harsh as Elijah had been so he was even more famous. He dealt with the people as much as he dealt with the leaders. Through the power of God he healed the sick, provided food for those in need, and protected them, and the king of Israel, from invaders. Elisha was also very famous from outside of the city and a general from Ben-Hadad came to see Elisha to be healed. Elisha told him to bath 7 times in the Jordan river. The general did this and was healed.

We all know the story of Jonah, he was swallowed by a whale because he was afraid to go and preach to the people of Nineveh so he tried to run away from God. So God caught him by a whale.  He was in the whale for about 3 days. Before he prayed for forgiveness and God made the whale spit him out. After this happened he went to the city of Nineveh and preached to the people.

Jeremiah was the last prophet before the fall. He preached of repentance and prophesied of the destruction of Jerusalem. He was nicknamed ‘the weeping prophet’ because of his sad book, Lamentations, in which he weeps of the fall and destruction of Jerusalem and Judah.

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One of my favorite movies is A Dolphin Tale. It is a true story about this boy named Sawyer who on his way to summer school finds a dolphin with it’s tail stuck in a crab cage. He cuts it free and calls the animal marine health people. They come and take the dolphin to their building.  Sawyer makes friends with one of the owners daughter, Hazel. He then starts skipping school to go to the animal life marine society. His mom finds out and after talking it over finally decides that he can do that and help with the animals instead of summer school.

One of the sad parts of the movie is when they have to cut the tail fin off of the dolphin, which they named Winter.  Hazel is very depressed and so is Sawyer. Winter starts to swim by moving her body like a snake, which is very bad because of something to do with Winters spine.

Later Sawyer’s cousin, Kyle is in the army and there is an explosion. Kyle ends up loosing part of his leg because of it. They find a man to make Kyle a prosthetic leg. The man who gave Kyle his leg also makes a new tail fin for Winter.

In part of the movie, Bethany Hamilton, who is a professional surfer who lost her arm in a shark attack, comes and swims with winter. It is really an awesome movie with some sad and some happy scenes.

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Summary of my Grandma

My grandma was born in Salt Lake City.

She has seven siblings. And was born number four.

Her chores were  cooking dinner almost every night, taking care of her younger siblings, cleaning up the house and doing some other things like that.

Her first job was at McDonalds and she really liked it.

She actually moved a lot, she lived in Utah, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, South Dakota, Idaho, and California.

Her favorite  thing to do was to go to the beach and play in the water in California. She also loved to do hop-scotch.

One of her summer vacations she went to Mount Rushmore. Her family was fairly poor and so they only went on vacation when they had family or friends come to visit them and they wanted to take them some place special.


Summary of the kings of Judah

The 17 kings of Judah that I studied had varying levels of success. Their success was based on how well they adhered to the laws they were given. The good kings obeyed, and were rewarded, while the bad kings disobeyed and were punished. Here are the names of all of the kings.

Rehoboam , Abijah, Asa, Jesoaphat, Jehoram, Ahaziah, Athalia, Joash, Amaziah, Uzzian, Jotham, Ahaz, Hezakiah, Manasseh, Amon, and  Josiah.

Rehoboam was the first king of Judah and was the son of Solomon. He reigned the 12 tribes for a short time before the 10 tribes of Israel broke off and created a separate kingdom. Rehoboam  was succeeded by his son Abijah.

Abijah tried to reunite the kingdoms but was unsuccessful in his attempt.

Asa was a good king. He was the first to be remembered as a good king. He worshiped God instead of idols.

Jesoaphat followed after Asa, and was another good king.

Jehoram was Jesoaphat’s son and he actually married the daughter of Ahab. Her name was Athalia. By choosing to marry someone pagan who did not agree to the worship of God which was what Jehoram did was a bad decision for him.

Ahaziah was Jehoram’s son. He only reigned for a short time because he was killed by Jaywho. After his death, his mom, Athalia  reigned.

Athalia reigned for six years. She thought she had killed all the heirs of the throne but Joash was saved and became the next king.

Joash was  succeeded  by his son Amaziah and he was succeeded by his son Uzzian. Both kings continued with some of the reforms that Joash had but did not remain as faithful as they should have.

Jotham continued in the way of his  great grandfather, Joash and restored some worship of God.

Ahaz was Jotham’s son and he was known  as being one of the most wicked kings in the history of Judah.

After Ahaz came Hezakiah who was known as the most righteous king of Judah. So there was an enormous difference between the 2 rulers.

Manasseh was not a very good king. He was the most wicked king in Judah’s history.  But he did repent before he died. He is the only king of Judah that did not follow God but repented and restored the worship of God by destroying all of the idols.

Amon was another not very righteous king.

Josiah was young, being crowned king at the age 8. He reigned many years over Judah and was the last good, and successful king that was king over Judah.


Summary of some of the kings of Israel that I learned about this week.


David was a very good king but he still made some mistakes. He saw a woman named Bathsheba and he thought she was beautiful, so he wanted to marry her, but found out that she was already married to a man named Uriah. King David did not care and he committed adultery with Bathsheba.  King David had Uriah killed and he then married Bathsheba. As punishment from God, the first son of Bathsheba and David died in child birth.


Solomon was a son of Bathsheba and David. He was not the obvious choice for the throne. David made Solomon his co-regent. God came to Solomon and said he will grant him one wish. Solomon wished not for riches but wisdom to rule his people. God granted this and also gave him wealth and power because of his righteous request.