A cool place that I like to visit that is close to my house. I can’t say that I have one, but many! There are many places that I love to go. As such, one is Thanksgiving Point. Thanksgiving Point is a fun, cool place to play, learn and explore. It has three main buildings, The Dinosaur Museum, The Petting Zoo, And The Curiosity Museum. I don’t have a favorite out of these three but will tell you some of my favorite parts of each.

I love to go to the dinosaur exhibit and read all the plaques and learn about every dinosaur there. I love to go to the petting zoo and pet all the horses. Last, but surely not least, is the Curiosity Museum. I love to climb up the big giant spider web. It is so long and tall that it takes forever to finish it all the way to the top and then climb back down!

Now that you know a little about one of the places close to me that I love to go I must say GOODBYE  until next time.