Early North America

Around the time 1492, North America was mostly uninhabited. It was mostly just grassy plains and the wild wild nature, with only small native tribes here and there. Two of these main tribes were the Eastern and the South-West farming cultures. But that was all about to change due to one man. 

That man was Christopher Columbus. After his great expedition to the Americas, specifically North America, the Europeans took notice of America and started to colonize there. 

North America was colonized mainly by the British, French, and a little bit by the Dutch. 

The Thirteen colonies were the first colonies in America. Here is a list off all their names from first colonized to last colonized. 


New York



Rhode Island


New Hampshire


North Carolina

South Carolina

New Jersey



The American Colonies became the United States of America in the year 1781.

What the British didn’t know was that they made plenty of big mistakes while being in control of the colonies that were harmful to the colonies. Some of these were, the Slave Trade, and the set of Acts. 

To this day the US is still the most powerful and influential country in the world. 


Me and My TFL!

What Exactly does TFL mean?

T. F. L. This is what me and my best friend, Kymee, use instead of the normal BFF. 

T= Twiners  F= For L= Life

We are such good friends, and look similar enough, that we actually have told people that we are twins. We are always with each other, and there even is a saying in my Sunday school class “You find Kymee, you find Jill” and vice-versa. 

What are our similarities?

Me and Kymee, are very similar. We have the same eye color, hair length, sense of humor, passive-aggressive nature, and as you saw we look alike too. We find interest in most of the same things which makes it easier to get along. We share the same “sass_a_frass” nature and so we are able to handle each other. Even when we don’t agree we are able to talk and agree with each other more than we do with our other friends, because we have a really good understanding of each other. 


Kymee is an AMAZING person and I am very lucky to know her. She is one of the most, understanding, funny, loving, sweet, nicest, sassy, smart, and great friend I have ever had. She is really funny, and can brighten up my mood by just being in the same room as me. She is one special girl and I am glad that we are such good friends! Lots of Laughs, Jill+Kymee! 



Seven Years’ War

The Seven Years War was a war that lasted seven years. That is straight forward enough right? It also is one of the main things that started the thoughts of the American colonies wanted freedom. This was the last major conflict before the French revolution that involved all the great powers of Europe. Generally, France, Austria, Saxony, Sweden, and Russia were aligned on one side against Prussia, Hanover, and Great Britain on the other. But a few other countries got involved as side characters, The Caribbean, South America, (north america was already way involved and is definitely not a side character) India, the Philippines, and West Africa, were also involved in this war. 

For most of the war Britain was getting their butts kicked. They were losing most of the battles that they started and were barely scraping by. Until the year 1759 when Britain’s luck changed drastically. It is called the Annus Mirables, or year of miracles, because suddenly Britain was able to gain the upper hand, and had a long string of victories, after victories. The British Empire was back! 

The war ended with the signing of the treaties of Hubertusburg and Paris in February 1763. In the Treaty of Paris, France lost all claims to Canada and gave Louisiana to Spain, while Britain received Spanish Florida, Upper Canada, and various French holdings overseas. So it is obvious that the biggest winner out of this war was Great Britain and that the biggest loser was the French, who lost a lot of their land, and their Navy was crushed. 



My Three Favorite Foods

In this report I am going to tell you what my three favorite foods are! First I’m going to list a few foods that most people enjoy eating. 



Ice cream





These foods are what I call, “party safe” because you can bring them to a party, or event, and they will most likely get eaten. Now I am going to tell what my three favorite foods are, why they are my favorite foods, and then I will sum everything up! Lets go. 

I am a food person. If I was paid every time I thought about food I would be the richest person on earth. So this essay was hard for me to write, just because I couldn’t think about just three foods!  I thought about almost every single food I have ever eaten in my life, that I remember. But I eventually was able to find what I needed.






Why do I love Ravioli? 

I love this food because I love noodles, and these are big huge square noodles, that are filled with delicious wonders! In different types of ravioli, the filling is different. My favorite is when it is just super creamy hot cheese. Other than just these things, I also enjoy these because of the memories I think of when I have them. One of the main memories I think about when I eat these, was when I was with my younger brother and his friend, and we were eating lunch together. We randomly started talking about this club that we wanted to form and what our names would be. It’s a great memory because we mostly laughed instead of eating!


I love Enchiladas for about the same reasons as I love ravioli’s. They are really good and one of the foods I look forward too when it starts to get chilly outside. They are filled with super good, kind of spicy, beef and covered in super creamy, melty, cheese. This food also comes with good memories. One time when I was eating this for dinner, I had one of my friends over. We started off talking about how good the food was, then the conversation changed dramatically! My friend started telling me how hot my older brother was! I ended up almost choking on my food the whole time! 



This was probably surprising to you, because most people I talk to are so done with cereal that it practically is rocks to them. But my house is different. My mom is super healthy, and so cereal is illegal in my house. We only get this as our breakfast for Christmas! So of course you can think about how amazing those memories are! Opening presents, playing Nintendo Switch, getting into fights-just kidding! Even though that happens a lot it’s not one of the memories I keep! 

Now you understand why I picked these for my three favorite foods! 

Because no matter how good, delicious, or gross (though these foods are definitely not) the memories that go with each food is what makes then truly amazing!


my favorite and least favorite subject of school

Today I am going to be telling you what my favorite subject in school is, and what my least favorite is. 

First, lets just go over a little bit about the subjects I’m doing this year. At the end of this essay, I will tell you what my favorite subject is, and why it is my favorite. I also will do the same for my least favorite subject. 

This year I started 8th grade. Which isn’t really bad, since I actually like math more than the average student, I’m not like a genius or anything, but I understand math better than some of my friends my age, and so math isn’t a huge problem for me. It definitely is not my favorite but it’s also not my least favorite. I also have a Biology class which is fun, just has a lot of extra work that I have to do in between classes, which is why I only do it one day of the week, Thursday.  I have English and History which I really like and enjoy both classes, so I really can’t complain about either. I have a lit. club, we are reading Harry Potter right now and I really love this class, we are about to finish and pick a new book, which I can’t wait to find out what it is. I have an economics class too, it’s not my favorite but I actually do really enjoy it. I have to do spelling, reading for science, and fun reading to top off my list. I could add all my chores I have to do every day, but those sometimes don’t even happen. 

My favorite subject is…….. A tie! A tie between English and and Biology. I love English because I really enjoy reading and writing and this class is focusing on teaching me how to write properly, and Biology is fun even if I have to do a lot of extra work for that class! 

My least favorite is……A tie as well. I don’t like reading for Science because I’m not really into that subject, and I don’t love spelling. It’s really not a bad thing, but my spelling is different. I have to write down a list of words then look in a dictionary to find out their meanings. So basically it’s not even that bad I’m just a lazy turd. 




This week during the world tour, we studied Africa. 

Africa is home to one of the oldest settlements in the world, Egypt. 

Egypt is one of the very first places in the world, it is the oldest and probably best known place in Africa, but it is also one of the few places that is very old, and has the same name as it did way back in history.

Since Africa is a gigantic desert, yes it does have some rain forests, but it is mostly a desert area with only a few trees and a scorching sun, the early settlements, like Egypt, Nubia, and Axum, all organized along the Nile River. 

The Nile River is the longest river in the world, which is super cool because it’s in the middle of a basically huge desert. 

Before 500 AD Egypt was conquered by two different major empires. The Persians, and The Holy Roman Empire. 

Egypt was mostly religion free up until 600 AD when it adopted the Islam religion, which is still the main religion there today. 

Between 500 and 1750 AD Africa began to be colonized. Mostly by its own tribal nations but slowly Europeans started to go there too. At first Europe only wanted to settle in Africa because they wanted slaves, which was terrible and one of the worst times in history was the Slave Trades, but they also found that the natural resources found in Africa were very helpful to them and so they continued to colonize Africa for far better reasons than before. 


The Dancing Daffodil


There once was a little hill, that sat in the deep and dark forest.

But this little hill was never dark, for as soon as the sun rose it shone first upon the little hill. 

And when the day was over, and the sun and sang farewell, the moon would shine brightly on the little hill. 

On this precious little hill, a hidden worldly treasure, the dancing daffodil sat upon its tower. 

The dancing daffodil cannot- will not- stop dancing, even if the sun sets, and the world starts to turn dark and gray, she always twirls her little leaves, and sways her stem left to right, while, slowly, slowly, her petals fall.

The petals fall, but rise again, to blow through the wind, and dance and sing all alone, of heaven and light again. 

The skies turn dark, without sunshine, the clouds blow in, and the heavens cry.  

The heavens cry for so, so long, for they want one thing is all.

But the one thing they want that they cannot have, 

Is to watch and listen to the daffodil sing and dance. 

For even though the birds may sing, and the little girls will dance joyously, 

The bees may buzz a loving tune, and give us honey so sweet, 

The crickets may sing their soothing tune to bring us all to sleep, 

But none of those, none of those are as loving and caring,

And soft and light, as joyous and sweet, as the dancing daffodil

On her little hill home where the sun shines its light on first and the moon bathes in love,

So this is why the sky turns dark, the heavens cry, and the sun slowly stops coming. 

But then, what’s that? At last! The sun shines again and the clouds part like the Red Sea,

For there on her little hill, singing and dancing softly, is Our Dancing Daffodil. 



William Shakespear

William Shakespear was born April 1564 and died on April 23, 1616. 

Shakespear was an English poet and playwright during the Elizabethan era, which covers the end of the sixteenth century and the beginning of the seventeenth. 

He is considered one of the greatest writers in history, and his plays remain popular around the world today. 

William Shakespear wrote in mostly four different types of plays, Comedies, Tragedies, Histories, and Trage-Comedies also known as Romance.  

Some of the best known titles of his plays are: Macbeth, Romeo and Juliette, The Taming of the Shrew, and a Mid-Summer Night’s Dream. 

His plays are hard to read and understand because they have that old formal writing style of the English in the early years, because of this it can get really confusing to read, even to watch and you have to try really hard to understand what people are saying when reading these plays. But, because it is hard to understand, his plays are worldwide still to this day. 

His plays are still recreated today and done in small theater groups, high schools drama classes, and many other ways. People love his plays and almost anybody you talk to knows who William Shakespear is. 


The Navigation Acts

The Navigation Acts were a group of laws restricting the abilities for the colonists to trade with any nation outside of Great Britain. 

There were two different mane Acts. Those were the Acts of 1660 and 1663. 

The Act of 1660 stated-that the ship’s crew had to be ¾ English and colonies could only ship goods to England or other English colonies. 

The Act of 1663 stated- it further restricted access by requiring that all European goods headed to America had to pass through England and be carried on English ships. 

There also was the 1773 Molasses Act. Which was when a heavy import tax was put on all sugar from the French West Indies to the American colonies. However the colonies were able to get around this tax by simply ignoring it, stealing, smuggling, bribery, and intimidation of customs officers to deliver sugar. 

The people who benefited the most from the new tax, were the British Caribbean producers of sugar, since people wanted sugar so badly, they were able to raise their prices. 

After these Acts, Taxes, and a few other things, the colonists realized that Parliament was not acting on the colonists best interest, which made them mad and question almost everything about Parliament, a fact that contributed to the American Revolutionary War. 


Last History Essay

This year in history we learned so much. We mostly focused during the year about the developments of Europe. One of my favorite lessons this year was the lesson on Galileo, I had recently studied about him in a different class and so it was cool to learn about him again, but in greater detail in this class. I also liked that video because I found it really funny that he was put under house arrest just because he believed differently than other people (really funny, and really SAD). I liked a lot when we learned about the 13 colonies as well. It was cool to learn in greater detail about those original colonies of my home. It was an awesome year and I enjoyed it a lot!