This essay is about some of the ancient Egyptians.


The pyramids.  During the Old and Middle kingdoms the Egyptians built huge pyramids as tombs for their kings, or pharaohs. There are over 30 pyramids in Egypt.

Tomb treasure. The tombs of rich Egyptians were filled with everything the dead Egyptian might need in the next world. Kings were buried with amazing treasures,  but soon robbers found out about this and  broke into the tombs and stole the treasure, so very little has been found.

Mummies.   The Egyptians tried to stop dead bodies from decaying, because they thought this would allow the dead person to go on living in the next world. These specially preserved bodies are called mummies.

The Egyptian Empire.    Around 1720 BC, Egypt was invaded by the Hykosos. They had chariots and horses so they were easily able to beat the Egyptians who fought on foot. But soon the Egyptians learned how to use chariots and fought back and won over the Hykosos. After doing this they realized that they were strong so they went and invaded other nearby lands and that’s how they became an empire.

Life At Home.     Egyptian houses were built out of bricks made from straw and mud. The bricks were shaped in a wooden frame and were cooked in the sun to harden. Most houses only had one to two rooms, but rich people lived in large luxurious villas.









My favorite time of year, well I will have to say I don’t have one. I love all of the seasons and I will tell you why. 

So first, I love winter because my birthday is in February and Christmas is also in winter. I love my birthday because, it’s my birthday.  I love Christmas because I love what my family and I do. We draw a name and have to either make them or buy them a present. Then after completing that, you can make or buy something for someone else. It’s very fun. 

I love Fall because of the hot then cool weather it provides. Also my family loves food, we love to eat, so Thanksgiving is a very special holiday for us. Plus, we love to talk about gratitude and why the first Thanksgiving was celebrated. They started practicing capitalism and got rid of their socialistic community so they were finally able to prosper. 

I love Summer and Spring because of the hot weather I love to be outside when it’s about 78 degrees. I also love Easter.  I love to get chocolate from the Easter bunny but more importantly I love to celebrate Jesus and his resurrection. 

Those are just some small reasons why I like these seasons.