Month: November 2015


I think that to be a good friend is to be nice .There is also a whole list of ways to be a good friend. One be nice . Two help each other.  Three play nicely. Four give complements. Five be helpful. Six  help clean up mess that was made. Seven say thank you. Eight say sorry .  Nine laugh at their jokes. And Ten be happy. That is what I think makes a good friend.


If a lion was in my house this is what I think my family would do. Noah my 4 year old brother would scream and run. (Although he says he would hit it on the head with an ax.) Ethan my 7 year old brother would scream, run and call for help. Davis my 11 year old brother would do the same. Mason (My baby brother who is not 1 yet) would just sit there and look at it.My dad would get his gun and try to shoot it. My mom would gather all of us and lock the lion inside and call animal control. As for me I would pick up Mason and run as fast (and carefully) as I could.