My Three Favorite Foods

In this report I am going to tell you what my three favorite foods are! First I’m going to list a few foods that most people enjoy eating. 



Ice cream





These foods are what I call, “party safe” because you can bring them to a party, or event, and they will most likely get eaten. Now I am going to tell what my three favorite foods are, why they are my favorite foods, and then I will sum everything up! Lets go. 

I am a food person. If I was paid every time I thought about food I would be the richest person on earth. So this essay was hard for me to write, just because I couldn’t think about just three foods!  I thought about almost every single food I have ever eaten in my life, that I remember. But I eventually was able to find what I needed.






Why do I love Ravioli? 

I love this food because I love noodles, and these are big huge square noodles, that are filled with delicious wonders! In different types of ravioli, the filling is different. My favorite is when it is just super creamy hot cheese. Other than just these things, I also enjoy these because of the memories I think of when I have them. One of the main memories I think about when I eat these, was when I was with my younger brother and his friend, and we were eating lunch together. We randomly started talking about this club that we wanted to form and what our names would be. It’s a great memory because we mostly laughed instead of eating!


I love Enchiladas for about the same reasons as I love ravioli’s. They are really good and one of the foods I look forward too when it starts to get chilly outside. They are filled with super good, kind of spicy, beef and covered in super creamy, melty, cheese. This food also comes with good memories. One time when I was eating this for dinner, I had one of my friends over. We started off talking about how good the food was, then the conversation changed dramatically! My friend started telling me how hot my older brother was! I ended up almost choking on my food the whole time! 



This was probably surprising to you, because most people I talk to are so done with cereal that it practically is rocks to them. But my house is different. My mom is super healthy, and so cereal is illegal in my house. We only get this as our breakfast for Christmas! So of course you can think about how amazing those memories are! Opening presents, playing Nintendo Switch, getting into fights-just kidding! Even though that happens a lot it’s not one of the memories I keep! 

Now you understand why I picked these for my three favorite foods! 

Because no matter how good, delicious, or gross (though these foods are definitely not) the memories that go with each food is what makes then truly amazing!

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