Me and My TFL!

What Exactly does TFL mean?

T. F. L. This is what me and my best friend, Kymee, use instead of the normal BFF. 

T= Twiners  F= For L= Life

We are such good friends, and look similar enough, that we actually have told people that we are twins. We are always with each other, and there even is a saying in my Sunday school class “You find Kymee, you find Jill” and vice-versa. 

What are our similarities?

Me and Kymee, are very similar. We have the same eye color, hair length, sense of humor, passive-aggressive nature, and as you saw we look alike too. We find interest in most of the same things which makes it easier to get along. We share the same “sass_a_frass” nature and so we are able to handle each other. Even when we don’t agree we are able to talk and agree with each other more than we do with our other friends, because we have a really good understanding of each other. 


Kymee is an AMAZING person and I am very lucky to know her. She is one of the most, understanding, funny, loving, sweet, nicest, sassy, smart, and great friend I have ever had. She is really funny, and can brighten up my mood by just being in the same room as me. She is one special girl and I am glad that we are such good friends! Lots of Laughs, Jill+Kymee! 


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