Early North America

Around the time 1492, North America was mostly uninhabited. It was mostly just grassy plains and the wild wild nature, with only small native tribes here and there. Two of these main tribes were the Eastern and the South-West farming cultures. But that was all about to change due to one man. 

That man was Christopher Columbus. After his great expedition to the Americas, specifically North America, the Europeans took notice of America and started to colonize there. 

North America was colonized mainly by the British, French, and a little bit by the Dutch. 

The Thirteen colonies were the first colonies in America. Here is a list off all their names from first colonized to last colonized. 


New York



Rhode Island


New Hampshire


North Carolina

South Carolina

New Jersey



The American Colonies became the United States of America in the year 1781.

What the British didn’t know was that they made plenty of big mistakes while being in control of the colonies that were harmful to the colonies. Some of these were, the Slave Trade, and the set of Acts. 

To this day the US is still the most powerful and influential country in the world. 

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