my favorite and least favorite subject of school

Today I am going to be telling you what my favorite subject in school is, and what my least favorite is. 

First, lets just go over a little bit about the subjects I’m doing this year. At the end of this essay, I will tell you what my favorite subject is, and why it is my favorite. I also will do the same for my least favorite subject. 

This year I started 8th grade. Which isn’t really bad, since I actually like math more than the average student, I’m not like a genius or anything, but I understand math better than some of my friends my age, and so math isn’t a huge problem for me. It definitely is not my favorite but it’s also not my least favorite. I also have a Biology class which is fun, just has a lot of extra work that I have to do in between classes, which is why I only do it one day of the week, Thursday.  I have English and History which I really like and enjoy both classes, so I really can’t complain about either. I have a lit. club, we are reading Harry Potter right now and I really love this class, we are about to finish and pick a new book, which I can’t wait to find out what it is. I have an economics class too, it’s not my favorite but I actually do really enjoy it. I have to do spelling, reading for science, and fun reading to top off my list. I could add all my chores I have to do every day, but those sometimes don’t even happen. 

My favorite subject is…….. A tie! A tie between English and and Biology. I love English because I really enjoy reading and writing and this class is focusing on teaching me how to write properly, and Biology is fun even if I have to do a lot of extra work for that class! 

My least favorite is……A tie as well. I don’t like reading for Science because I’m not really into that subject, and I don’t love spelling. It’s really not a bad thing, but my spelling is different. I have to write down a list of words then look in a dictionary to find out their meanings. So basically it’s not even that bad I’m just a lazy turd. 


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