William Shakespear

William Shakespear was born April 1564 and died on April 23, 1616. 

Shakespear was an English poet and playwright during the Elizabethan era, which covers the end of the sixteenth century and the beginning of the seventeenth. 

He is considered one of the greatest writers in history, and his plays remain popular around the world today. 

William Shakespear wrote in mostly four different types of plays, Comedies, Tragedies, Histories, and Trage-Comedies also known as Romance.  

Some of the best known titles of his plays are: Macbeth, Romeo and Juliette, The Taming of the Shrew, and a Mid-Summer Night’s Dream. 

His plays are hard to read and understand because they have that old formal writing style of the English in the early years, because of this it can get really confusing to read, even to watch and you have to try really hard to understand what people are saying when reading these plays. But, because it is hard to understand, his plays are worldwide still to this day. 

His plays are still recreated today and done in small theater groups, high schools drama classes, and many other ways. People love his plays and almost anybody you talk to knows who William Shakespear is. 

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