William of Orange

William of Orange was the prince of Orange in the sixteenth century.  He was the main leader of the Dutch revolt against the Spanish. When William was eleven years old his cousin, who was the former prince of Orange, died leaving William as the heir. William however was only allowed to be the prince of Orange if he got a Catholic education. This was hard for him because he had been raised, and grown up a Protestant. William believed (along with a few others as well) that Spain was being too controlling and so he did not like how Spain ruled the Netherlands. He also didn’t like how they were ruling because he was also fed up with all the religious persecution as he believed in religious freedom for all people. William was proclaimed an outlaw because he began to speak out and was financially involved within several revolts. Because of these things William began the Eighty Years war. This war ended with the Dutch gaining their independence from the Spanish Crown. William was killed in his own home in July 1584 by a catholic Frenchman. 

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