The Divine Right of Kings

The Divine Right of Kings was made by king Louis XIV of France

The laws back then was that everyone had someone lower than themselves that served them and someone higher that they served. So when the line came down to the king, the king was supposed to serve all of his people. But instead Louis XIV decided he would make a new law. This law was about the same but different in one main way. The King only answered to God. He didn’t have to listen to anyone other than God if he didn’t want to. Now this law can be seen as good and bad, good if the power is used properly, and bad if it isn’t. Now plenty of the kings who believed in this new law took advantage of it and were very ruthless at times. Sometimes in history when kings get too much power we can see how they take advantage of it and use it to hurt others. 

                  The Divine Right of Kings, is it a terrible law, or an OK one? What do you think?

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