Summary of Macbeth

Macbeth is a sad story; 


It begins with three witches talking about prophecies about Macbeth and how he shall become king, Macbeth hears this and asks them what they mean. They tell him how it will be done, step by step of how he will gain power and one day be king. 

Macbeth writes a letter to his wife telling her all about the encounter with the three witches. She then decides what to do to make him king. 

While Macbeth suddenly gets this huge reward for fighting bravely in this battle and step two out of three is done that the witches told him, so the last step is to become king. 

His wife comes up with a plan to kill the king. Her plan is to murder the king while he is sleeping and hide the bloody knives under the servants’ pillows that are also in the room. She then as an extra precaution kills the servants making it look like they killed the king, and felt so guilty about it that they killed themselves. This is actually believed when the other servants come in to check on the king, while Macbeth and his wife act just as sad and surprised as everyone else.

The whole story is sad and dark, and bloody, and is definitely a sad play. 

Lots of people die and it is definitely not my favorite Shakespeare play. 

You really should read it to understand exactly what I mean. 

In the end of the story Macbeth ends up dying, being slain by this man who has found out the truth, the sad part is that this man’s wife and children had been murdered by Macbeth, and so he was returning the ‘favor’. 


What I would have done if I was in Macbeth’s place? 

After hearing the witches I would be pretty stoked to become king, or queen, since I am a girl, and would most likely wait for all the things to come true. 

After the first ‘step’ or promise came true, it would be really exciting and I would definitely tell my husband, again since I am a girl it would not be my wife. 

I would definitely not murder the king even if my husband was psycho and wanted to, specifically because king Duncan in the story loves Macbeth and respects him, so if this happened to me he would have the same feelings for me, so I don’t think I would even think about killing him, I’d probably just dis-own my husband or divorce him or something. 

That way I wouldn’t end up dying, the king wouldn’t end up dying, and everyone would live a happy life. 

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