Sir Walter Raleigh and Roanoke

Sir Walter Raleigh was an important politician and explorer during the Elizabethan era. 

Raleigh grew up Protestant during Queen Mary’s reign. Because his family was Protestants they had to hide so survive from the queen’s soldiers. Because of the fact he was always hiding he grew a deep hatred towards Catholicism. 

In 1587 Raleigh decided to colonize the Island Roanoke, organized under John White. John White eventually had to return to England to get supplies. His return was postponed because of some dire needs he had to look into. Soon it had been three years before he was finally able to go back to Roanoke Island. When he did return, however, he found the place empty. The colonists were nowhere to be found. People still don’t know where they went. The city Raleigh tried to colonize is now known as “The Lost Colony of Roanoke Island”. 

Raleigh was favored by the Queen of England, Elizabeth. Why? Because when he traveled to Ireland he started preaching about Protestantism to the people around him. This made the queen very happy, which made him get  bumped to ‘favorite’ on her list. 

Raleigh was executed on October 29 1618 because of a wronged treasonous act of his crew while on a sea voyage: During King James’ reign over England. 

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