Queen Mary; Bloody Mary

Queen Mary was queen of England and Ireland from 18 February 1516 – 17 November 1558.

Originally, her older brother, King Edward, didn’t want her to become queen because she was a Catholic and he had worked hard to make England a Protestant country. So he made a will stating that his cousin, Lady Jane Grey, should become queen and that Mary and Elizabeth, his other sister, would not be allowed too. But Mary was able to get enough people on her side to convince the authorities that she should be queen instead of Jane. So Jane and her husband were put in a tower and then killed a few days later. Queen Mary was very Catholic and so she hated all the Protestants in England. She gained the nickname Bloody Mary, because of the persecution of the Protestants that happened during her reign. Most of the persecution was done by her, she herself killed over two hundred eighty protestants, by burning them to a stake.

Lucky for the Protestants she only reigned for five years, and everyone that had fled were able to come back and again make their home in England.

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