My Pet Gracie

Gracie is my pet puppy. She is a German Short Hair Pointer. She has light blue eyes, a chocolate face and a big spot on her back. She is white with little grey and brown specks everywhere!

One of her favorite things to do right now is not listen, and she is very good at it. The only way you can tell that she is listening is because her ears will perk up and she will even sometimes look at you, but she hardly ever comes, and usually just walks away and continues doing whatever it was that she was doing when you ‘rudely interrupted’ her. Gracie is a ‘hopper’. When she runs she hops around in between each stride. It is really funny to watch her run because she half runs half hops! She loves to cuddle with you and will fall asleep after sitting on your lap for less than five minutes. She is a really playful energetic dog when she is not tired though. She keeps you on your toes! She is still a puppy and so she is not trained yet, but I am working on it. All in all she is a great dog, even if she pees inside, and chews on stuff, and doesn’t listen, and isn’t trained!

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