Prince Henry the Navigator

Prince Henry was the prince of Portugal, son of King John I, he was born March 4, 1394 and died November 13, 1460.

Henry was twenty-one when he, his father, and his brothers were captured in a port in Morocco by pirates. After they returned to Portugal, Henry decided that he was going to stop the pirate attacks on the coast of West Africa.

After making the decision to protect the West African coast, Henry decided he also wanted to be the source of the West African gold trade. I looked all over the web for the dates of when Henry opened his school but was unable to find anything……A little after deciding to protect the West African coast, Prince Henry opened up his own school of navigation.

One of the things that Henry brought back from his adventures, was slaves, along with gold, of course.

I also tried to find out how and where he died, but everywhere I looked did not give me a real answer, they just told me the date of his death. I do know that he died at age sixty-six in Sagres, Portugal March 4, 1394.


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