Petrarch was an Italian poet and his style of thought and adventurous nature did not fit the mold of the culture around him. This made everyone so interested in his form of thought and nature that they made him a teacher.

Petrarch was born in 1304 and unlike many people of that day he learned to read and write.

He is seen as the first tourist because he traveled around Europe simply for the enjoyment of travel.

In 1336 he climbed Mt. Ventoux just for fun. This ‘mount’ wasn’t very big but this was the first ever recorded person to climb a ‘mountain’ just to see the surroundings from atop.

Petrarch was the first to think of the Middle Ages as the “Dark Ages”.

He brought a new period of light to the culture of Europe, that was considered the “Enlightened Age”

This new time period became known as the “Renaissance” or “rebirth” and Petrarch became known as the “Father of Humanism” or the “Father of the Renaissance”.

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