History essay Egypt

This is my first essay of the year and it is about Egypt. It does not have to be long so this will only cover some facts about Egypt.

Egypt is part of Africa and has many interesting facts about it. The Nile River is a river that is in Egypt, it is the longest in the world and runs South-North, this is not what a river usually does and that’s another reason why it is so irregular.  Egypt also has many deserts that are big and hot. One of them is the Sahara desert and I’m pretty sure it is one of the, or the, largest desert in the world. 

Egypt is also known for its pyramids. They used to build these as burial places for their kings, pharaohs.

If you ever visit the Sahara desert you will find that it is extremely hot in the day, but actually gets pretty chill and night. You would hardly see rain and even if you did it would not last for very long. This place is so hot that without protection from the sun (hats, sunglasses, sunscreen, and even an umbrella) Because it’s so hot in the day you would where shorts and tank tops but, at night you’d want to wear warm comfy pj’s. On the plus side, you would get really tan.

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