Charlemagne (c.742-814), also known as Karl and Charles the Great, was a medieval emperor who ruled much of Western Europe from 768 to 814. In 771, Charlemagne became king of the Franks, a Germanic tribe in present-day Belgium, France, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and western Germany.  As a skilled military strategist, he spent much of his reign engaged in warfare in order to accomplish his goals. In 800 Pope Leo III crowned him, Holy Emperor of the Romans. He forced his people to become Christians, and when there was a riot, he committed what we call, the Massacre of Verdun. Where he killed 4500 revolting Saxon slaves. This pretty much ended all the revolts. When Charlemagne died in 814, he spent the last of his days in depression because of all the things he wanted to do that he was never able to accomplish, or see.

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