Flavian Dynasty

The Flavian dynasty was started by a Roman soldier named Vespasian. He was at war when the Roman Senate called upon him to come back to Rome and restore order. They called upon Vespasian because he was head of the army at the time.

Originally Vespasian’s family was part of a class of Romans named the Equestrian class. But because of their military accomplishments they were able to move up the line socially.

In 70 AD, Jerusalem was destroyed by Titus, Vespasians son. The war against Jerusalem had been started by Vespasian himself, but he had to return to Rome to become next emperor.

When Vespasian died, Titus became king, or emperor. This was very important and unique because this was the first time in Roman history that a biological son actually took over the power as emperor after his father, and was actually successful.

Titus reigned for about 2-3 years before he died of a massive fever.

Domitian was the next and final Flavian emperor. He was Titus’ brother and he reigned for about 15  years, from 69-96 AD.  He was actually assassinated by the senate because they thought he was a tyrant.

That is the beginning and end of the Flavian dynasty.

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