Octavian Augustus Caesar

Octavian was in the second triumvirate. A triumvirate was a group of three people who all helped rule Rome together. Well, Octavian wanted to rule Rome by himself, like an emperor. Antony was another member of the second triumvirate and he and Octavian made a deal that Octavian got to rule Rome and Antony got to rule Egypt. Well, Antony fell in love with Cleopatra, the Egyptian queen, and divorced his first wife to marry her.  His first wife happened to be Octavian’s sister and this a feud between Anthony and Octavian.

When Antony and Cleopatra tried to conquer Rome, Octavian crushed them in battle and he took over Egypt. After this there was a period of peace. This period of peace is known as the Pax Romana. When Octavian become king his name became Augustus. Rather than trying to rule over the people he worked with the Roman senate to improve Rome. He also reduced the size of the army to stop a coup from happening. Augustus encouraged cultural improvement and developments to be made during his time of peace. He built many palaces, temples, and other buildings in Rome. Augustus first set the standard of distributing free food, money, and entertainment to the people when they got restless.

He is known as a very good king, and during his reign the Roman Republic was forgotten.

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