Roman Games

You have probably heard of the Roman Games. But just to refresh your memory (because a lot of people mistake them for the Greek Games) we’re going to tell you the differences between Roman and Greek Games. The Greek Games were religious ceremonies performed for the Gods. While the Roman Games were just for the sheer gladness to see human blood be spilled. (disgusting) There were a few different ways the Romans did their gladiator fights. If you were a man/woman who had done a bad dead like, steal or kill, instead of being exiled or executed, you would be put into the gladiator pit. You either had to hunt and kill a beast, or be the one hunted and killed. The other way was if you were a good respected person and good at war, you would be put in the ‘pit’ with a team and fight with another team of gladiators. Or you were put in with about twenty other people and it was an all for all.

There were also chariot races held in a different stadium where you had a cart, called a chariot, which was pulled by horses, and you raced with another person. These too were even dangerous because you could be pushed off your chariot and trampled, or they most likely would have swords. You see all in all everything in the Roman Games had something to do with the bloodshed of men.

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