Alexander The Great

Alexander was born in 356 BC. When he was ten years old his father Philip the 2nd bought a horse for him. But the horse could not be trained, it would rear up and buck off any one who tried to saddle him. Alexander observed this and found that the horse was scared of its shadow. So Alexander moved the horse and was able to saddle it himself. This made his father very proud. When his father died from being stabbed to death from his chief captain, Alexander became king at age 20. After he conquered Greece he went through the Hellaspont and went to conquer Persia and India. He went to Persia and king Darius the 3rd was no match for him and was frequently pushed around. King Darius was finally killed, not by Alexander, but by his own men who rebelled. After this he went off to India.

He had two goals and completed them both.

1.) To spread Greek/Persian culture.

This was rejected by some of his men but the Greek culture was practiced and used due to the fact that there were a lot of Greeks. So we take this as  half complete.

2.) To create a name for himself/ build a huge empire.

This was accomplished entirely, he was given the name “The Great” due to the fact that he never once lost a battle. And his empire was the largest in the world at that time period.

He only ruled for eleven years. He died in 323 BC. There could have been two reasons for his unexplained death. 1.) We know that he was sick for a couple weeks before he died and it might have been the cause of a disease or a un-cared for wound. 2.) It also could have been an assassination.

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