If I could travel around the world I’d make sure to go to Australia! I have a friend named Anika who is from there. I love kangaroos and koalas. Another one of the things I like about Australia is the accents. Anika’s accent is so cool and sometimes funny. In Australia they call erasers, rubbers! And the trash, the bin! It’s fun for me to guess what’s she’s talking about.  This one time she said this really funny word and I had know idea what she was saying! It was sooooooo funny! She had to point to what she was talking about!

Another place I would go is South America! I love animals and it sure has a bunch. I want to go and explore the jungles! the only bad thing is that I could get eaten by a tiger or jaguar, or even a leopard! Scary!

Those are the places I want to go even if their not far away from me, in North America.

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