Summary of the kings of Judah

The 17 kings of Judah that I studied had varying levels of success. Their success was based on how well they adhered to the laws they were given. The good kings obeyed, and were rewarded, while the bad kings disobeyed and were punished. Here are the names of all of the kings.

Rehoboam , Abijah, Asa, Jesoaphat, Jehoram, Ahaziah, Athalia, Joash, Amaziah, Uzzian, Jotham, Ahaz, Hezakiah, Manasseh, Amon, and  Josiah.

Rehoboam was the first king of Judah and was the son of Solomon. He reigned the 12 tribes for a short time before the 10 tribes of Israel broke off and created a separate kingdom. Rehoboam  was succeeded by his son Abijah.

Abijah tried to reunite the kingdoms but was unsuccessful in his attempt.

Asa was a good king. He was the first to be remembered as a good king. He worshiped God instead of idols.

Jesoaphat followed after Asa, and was another good king.

Jehoram was Jesoaphat’s son and he actually married the daughter of Ahab. Her name was Athalia. By choosing to marry someone pagan who did not agree to the worship of God which was what Jehoram did was a bad decision for him.

Ahaziah was Jehoram’s son. He only reigned for a short time because he was killed by Jaywho. After his death, his mom, Athalia  reigned.

Athalia reigned for six years. She thought she had killed all the heirs of the throne but Joash was saved and became the next king.

Joash was  succeeded  by his son Amaziah and he was succeeded by his son Uzzian. Both kings continued with some of the reforms that Joash had but did not remain as faithful as they should have.

Jotham continued in the way of his  great grandfather, Joash and restored some worship of God.

Ahaz was Jotham’s son and he was known  as being one of the most wicked kings in the history of Judah.

After Ahaz came Hezakiah who was known as the most righteous king of Judah. So there was an enormous difference between the 2 rulers.

Manasseh was not a very good king. He was the most wicked king in Judah’s history.  But he did repent before he died. He is the only king of Judah that did not follow God but repented and restored the worship of God by destroying all of the idols.

Amon was another not very righteous king.

Josiah was young, being crowned king at the age 8. He reigned many years over Judah and was the last good, and successful king that was king over Judah.

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