One of my favorite movies is A Dolphin Tale. It is a true story about this boy named Sawyer who on his way to summer school finds a dolphin with it’s tail stuck in a crab cage. He cuts it free and calls the animal marine health people. They come and take the dolphin to their building.  Sawyer makes friends with one of the owners daughter, Hazel. He then starts skipping school to go to the animal life marine society. His mom finds out and after talking it over finally decides that he can do that and help with the animals instead of summer school.

One of the sad parts of the movie is when they have to cut the tail fin off of the dolphin, which they named Winter.  Hazel is very depressed and so is Sawyer. Winter starts to swim by moving her body like a snake, which is very bad because of something to do with Winters spine.

Later Sawyer’s cousin, Kyle is in the army and there is an explosion. Kyle ends up loosing part of his leg because of it. They find a man to make Kyle a prosthetic leg. The man who gave Kyle his leg also makes a new tail fin for Winter.

In part of the movie, Bethany Hamilton, who is a professional surfer who lost her arm in a shark attack, comes and swims with winter. It is really an awesome movie with some sad and some happy scenes.

That is all for my essay today.

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