An Israel Ruler

After Moses died the Israelites needed another person to lead them. Joshua then becomes leader over them. The people decide to send 2 spies to the city of Jericho, where Rahab hides them. Rahab is a woman from the city who was influenced by the Lord to be the two men’s house keeper. So while the spies are in the city they were staying in her home. A little while later they are able to escape the city without getting found and return home. Joshua sent the spies there to see if the city was strong because they were going to try and over throw them. When the spies return they tell Joshua that the city is indeed strong but they believe the Lord will help them win. So the people of Israel go to cross the Jordan river but the river was in flood at this time of year. So in faith the priests set foot into the water and it kind of does what the red sea did with Moses, it makes a clear path for them to go across by going dry. And the city of Jericho is destroyed by God without a fight taking place. The whole city is burned and the Israelites take their loot for the building of there future temple.

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