A funny post by Jillian.


In this funny post by mwa (Jillian) I will add funny comments about other post I have made before this.

  1. If you remember or have read my post called (IF I HAD A SUPER POWER) There is one other thing that I would do. I would turn into a bird and go to the zoo when I knew that my cousin Ashton was going. The reason I would do this is so I could bug him. You see me and my cousin are very close and when I say that I mean we are so close that we love and enjoy bugging each other a lot!!! 🙂 So I would turn into a bird and peck at my YOUNGER cousin.

  2. I would like to make another FUNNY POST BY JILLIAN. If you have read my post (IF I COULD DESIGN MY OWN ROOM) You would know that I would make it so that when I turned the light on or my friend did it would make a sound of a kitten in pane. So that when they took a step and turned the light on it would sound like the kittens were real and they were being killed! 😉

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