The best advice that I have ever been given would probably be when Izzy, Brynn, Ethan, Max, Daniel and I were making a plan on where the best place to hide in Zombie tag would be.

Me: I think we should go to the ditch and go into the field.

Brynn: But I am not allowed to go into the ditch, my mom said.

Izzy: But then how come Erica is if you’re not?

Brynn: Because she is a couple years older than me so my mom said she can but not me.

Max: I say that we go all the way around and hide in the big tree in the other neighborhood.

Daniel: But Brynn and I are not allowed to go around into that neighborhood.

Me: Then we go into my back yard and hide, or we could hide under my car.

But it was no use because no matter what any of us said one of us could either not go there or there was not any space for all of us to fit without being seen. When Ethan spoke up he had the best idea ever.

Ethan: I say we go straight for the people who are zombie’s. Then we split up and make them chase us two at a time. After that all of us who did not get tagged will meet in Max’s back yard.

Me: What do you mean by go straight for them, like run right at them then quickly run away in groups of two and then meet in his back yard. If that is what you’re saying then me and the girls are in.

And so we did that and we all made it back into Max’s back yard safely and we all won the game of Zombie tag. All thanks to Ethan and his great brain.

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