Why I Like Cats (Final Draft)

I like cats so much, and I will tell you why. A while ago I owned a cat, her name was cookie dough. She was a mixed breed. Her mom, (my cousins cat) was a long haired persian. But we don’t really know what her dad was because they weren’t purposely bread. But I think it was a ragdoll because that’s what my cat looked like.

Cats have very many cool things about them. They have long sharp claws and teeth. They have great eyesight day and night. They are very fast and can jump over triple their size.

Lions are one of my favorite big cats. When they are not hunting or patrolling their territory, they are usually sleeping. Lions are the laziest of  the big cats. They will sleep all day if they get the chance. They live in families called prides, usually there is only one male but if there are two males then that means they are brothers.


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