I don’t remember very many silly things that have happened to me because I was very little when many things happened. I remember that when I was little if I did something wrong or that I should’t have done I would say, “Oh sorry!” But I couldn’t say my ‘r’ sound when I was two so it sounded like “Oh sowy!” I would say it to everything and one day my mom said, “Jill you don’t need to say sorry for that.” I replied, “Oh sowy!”


   Another  time was when I was two and  I fell down the very last stair at my grandma’s house. I cried for one second, then walked around telling every one that I had broken my arm!

The funny thing was that when my parents took me to see the doctor (because they noticed that I wouldn’t use it) I had actually broken both bones in my arm and had only cried a second!








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