There once was a princess named Mariam. She lived in a village named Fairyton. She was a fairy! She would fly around and make sure that the people were safe. The enemies of fairyton  were called the dark ones. The dark ones were dark fairy’s that had been cast out of fairyton. The leader of the dark ones was Eliza. When she had been banished she said “I will come back one day with an army and kill your people!” So from that day on the people of fairyton feared the day of her return. One sunny day Mariam’s friend Sunny came rushing into the palace were Mariam’s father was.she knelt and told the king these words…………”Sir she has come!” When the king heard these words he ordered every fairy to go inside at once! He also told Sunny to tell every man to get ready to fight. So when Sunny went out to tell this to the men the sun was gone! Only darkness covered the kingdom! And there in the middle of the town stood “Eliza!” Sunny spun around to see Mariam flying fast towards Eliza! The battle between Mariam and Eliza went on for hours till Mariam cast a spell on Eliza that made her and her army trapped as statues! When every one heard this great news they had a big celebration. There was a party and a feast! The feast had lots of (fairy sized) chicken, turkey, cake, pie, cranberry sauce, and pudding. After that the party began! There was slow music and it also had rock n roll music. THE END.

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